The only source specializing in both Weber carburetion and EFI for American V8's.  

If you're looking for the right place to buy your fuel injection or Weber carburetion system, this is the "X" on your treasure map.  

We are the only custom induction builder anywhere on the planet where you can buy Weber carburetion or a stack EFI for Amercian V8 engines from the same place.  We are experts in both carburetion AND fuel injection, with more available applications than any other source.  Because we are an importer of manifolds and components from other countries, we can offer induction systems for applications that are unavailable elsewhere.  We don't import from or sell anything, that is made in China.  Ever.

Sometimes a prospective customer will say to me, “I can get basically the same thing from another source much cheaper.”   My answer simply is, “No you can’t.”

Genuine Weber carburetors were produced in Bologna, Italy until 1992 when production was moved to Madrid, Spain, where they continue to be made today.  There are only two direct distributors of Weber carburetors, which are Webcon in the UK and WorldPac (Redline/Weber) in the U.S.

Chinese copies of the DCOE, IDF, and IDA carburetors are made by at least three companies and are sold at half the price of real Weber carburetors. They are labeled and sold as Weber carburetors, which they are NOT. Their quality varies due to inaccurate drilling and poorly calibrated parts, mostly noticeable during idle or cruise, which is where an engine spends 95% of its time. All Chinese copies look exactly like real Webers. 

We only sell genuine Weber carburetors manufactured in the Weber factory in Spain.  They all say WEBER and the words MADE IN SPAIN are clearly visible on the side of the fuel bowl.  Unless they have that, they’re fakes.

We don’t provide any service, repair, or technical support for Chinese-made products of any kind.  For service here, your carburetors MUST say either “Made in Spain” or “Made in Italy”.  

Regarding EFI’s, there’s one manufacturer offering EFI’s that are entirely made in China. Those EFI’s are sold by some big-name parts sources and come with no service or technical support. They are extremely cheap to buy and therefore quite tempting to the novice buyer.  But buyer beware.  Whoever buys one of those EFI’s soon finds out they are on their own.  There is nobody to provide any help or to answer any installation or setup questions after the sale. And unfortunately, none of the dealers that sell these Chinese EFI’s are EFI specialists, and it is against our policy to provide any support for any Chinese-made products.  Our motto is:  “If it’s made in China, leave it in China.” 

I've been doing this for over 40 years.  As much as I hate to show my age, the photo below is from my archives.   I tuned three of the original Daytona Coupes over the years at various times and in different places, whenever they (and I) showed up somewhere at the same time.  Back then, we never considered that those cars would become priceless historic racecars.  But even then, I relished any chance to have my hands on one of them.  This photo was taken in the mid 70's at Bridgehampton, so this Coupe was about ten years old and I was 30-something at the time.

Here I am tweaking the Weber carbs on one of the six original Daytona Coupes back in the old days.  I was young and still had hair then ...and I had no idea how silly I looked in those short gym shorts. 

If you're curious about Weber carburetion or thinking of putting an 8-stack EFI unit on your car, this is the website you've been looking for. Most of the answers you need are here, and if you don't see the information you need, just call me.  I’ll be the one answering the phone.  There is no receptionist, no recorded voice loop, no extension choices, and you won’t have to press a number for English. 

I'm happy to build you an EFI unit with modern throttle bodies or one that looks just like a Weber carburetion setup with hidden injectors inside the throttle bodies.  You’d have to be an expert to know it’s an EFI.  

I offer the world's largest selection of V8 8-stack systems and associated specialty parts for Cobras, GT40's, Early Mustangs, Corvettes, and custom vehicles, from all-out racing units for vintage race cars to "jewelry" for world-class show cars.  

When you're running one of these induction units on your engine and you open your hood at your next car show, I promise that nobody will yawn.  People will stop dead in their tracks to look at your engine. 

Most likely, you've heard the good, the bad, and the ugly about Weber carburetors. Some people say they work great...others say Weber carburetors are nothing but trouble. On this website, I'm providing you with factual information about Weber carburetion based on 40 years of experience building and tuning Weber carburetion for V8's, so my data is factual and not opinion.  I was working on Weber-carbureted Cobras before replicas were around. 

After reading the information on this website, you'll be a lot smarter when you leave.  Rule #1: Forget whatever else you've heard about Webers.

If you’re here because you’re interested in EFI, I'll be happy to come up with the right package for you.  Unlike a manufacturer pushing only its own parts, I can custom-tailor an EFI to your exact requirements via access to components from multiple manufacturers.  

Jim Inglese with Engine

This handsome rascal is me at the dyno a few years back.  We've done a lot of dyno tuning over the years.  That's my own 383 on the dyno, still warm right after the dyno session. 

A thumbnail sketch

We don't just assemble induction units, we approach what we do here as artisans.  My goal is to be the best in the industry and that means giving every customer more than what they expect.  We hand-finish the components on our base units because all details matter here.  Paying attention to detail is what sets our induction assemblies apart from the rest.  We are driven by a spirit of excellence and we strive for perfection through that acute attention to detail.

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."  ECCL 9:10

Every 8-stack system is built to order and is matched to the engine and vehicle it's intended for. There are no assembled units all finished and sitting on the shelf.  Each one is created for its application. I offer more V8 applications and related accessories than any other Weber or EFI 8-stack shop in the world, so if you're planning on putting an 8-stack system on a V8, this is the only website where you'll find the information you're going to see here.

If you email me with your questions, you'll hear back from me the same day...usually within hours. I check emails several times a day and I answer everybody.  And when you call, I'm the only one who answers the phone.

Other sources offer similar products, and some are temptingly cheaper, but with a product such as this, expect to get what you pay for.  As they say, there's no "free lunch".  I won't ship anything with my label on it unless it's 100% right.  You can rely on that.

If you're buying Webers, my 13-page Weber instruction manual takes you right through the entire setup process, from gas pedal adjustment to fuel pressure to ignition timing to synchronizing the four carburetors. I leave no room for error.  If you're buying an EFI, I supply a comprehensive technical data and instruction manual of about 30 pages, including online resources.  Other EFI companies don't supply anything close to that for instructions, and most other companies supply no instructions at all. 

My #1 goal is for every installation to be a 100% success.  We supply EVERYTHING you will need, including an ignition system if you don't have one you can use with EFI. When you place your order, I'll take you through a complete worksheet to determine exactly what you'll need, and we'll provide it all.

Customer Service is of paramount importance to me, as I know it is with you.

My personal support continues well beyond the sale and is always included at no charge once you place your order.  You will find this to be a very personal experience. You'll have my cell phone number and I provide unlimited support until your carburetion system or EFI runs perfectly.  Email anyone else in this business and ask what they provide for instructions, and after-sale support by phone and email. Tell them you need somebody's cell phone number and a guarantee that they will respond to your emails within only a few hours, day or night. They'll laugh at you, of course,  and think you're nuts. I usually check emails for the last time at 8 pm. I also answer emails on weekends.

If you own a Weber 8-stack system that came from somebody else and it needs work, I'll correct it for you, but there's a catch..... First, you are required to watch this video

So why are There Two "Inglese" Companies?

There's a lot of confusion about INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS vs. JIM INGLESE 8-STACK SYSTEMS, and I'm really sorry about all that. They're actually two separate companies that are in no way connected.  I know everybody wonders how this can be.

INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS was my original company, founded in 1980.  I sold that company a long time ago and then I came back into it under my own name as JIM INGLESE EIGHT STACK SYSTEMS.  The original company, INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS, was owned by Comp Cams in Tennessee, and our two companies, while sharing the name, were never affiliated.  Today, that company (INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS) is no longer in business. Now it's just me again, Jim Inglese Eight-Stack Systems, and there is much less confusion.

My assemblies show my signature on the label as shown below. If this label isn't on the front carburetor or throttle body, it wasn't built here.  Anything with this label carries my personal guarantee that I've invested my experience and reputation into that assembly.

I invite you to come in and have a look around these pages. If you're looking for useful information, I think you're really going to enjoy this website.  If you'd like to talk about your project, please call or email me.  Please don't text me; I never see them or answer any texts.  Thank you.

Jim Inglese Plate

The signature label also displays the website and phone.

"It is not always possible to redo the work we have done negligently. It's best to do things well now."
 -- Anonymous