Making a personal statement.

As a top-tier custom induction builder, we offer more choices of finishes, options, and attention to small details than anyone else out there. To that end, custom inductions are created here without limits.

The combination of finishes that you can select from allows you to create a one-off assembly to suit your taste and set your car apart from the rest when the hoods are open. I guarantee that when you open yours, nobody will walk by and yawn. Jaws will drop, photos will be taken, and questions will be asked.

Colors and finishes are whatever you want them to be. You can supply any paint code for color-matching to your car or engine color.

All custom colors have an acrylic urethane clear coat. In some applications, such as the simulated dichromate colors, the clear is applied with a flattener.

Manifolds may be ordered polished, bright ceramic coated, or chrome plated. We can also polish your carburetors or throttle bodies.

Our optional chrome hardware packages provide additional detail. All screws, springs, tabs, levers, linkage pieces, fuel blocks, plugs, bolts, and nuts can be chrome-plated to complete the customized look, particularly on painted assemblies.

Black fittings, black braided hose, clear fuel fittings, or chrome-plated Fragola fittings may also be ordered.

We offer custom anodizing of your aluminum components in any color you desire.

A variety of velocity stack heights and styles are also available, along with special linkages designed to make any type of installation easier.

Below are photos showing some finished units and detail photos of some of the options. Click on any of the images to see the blowups.

One of our popular options is black anodizing.  This can be done on any aluminum parts, such as the fuel rails and air horns as seen here.  The effect is greatly enhanced by polishing the components before we send them to be black anodized.  This closeup shows some of the detailing on an all-black LS3 semi Cross-ram that also has black anodized fuel rails.

This LS3 EFI was built for Bruce Conwell's 49 "WIckcad" Cadillac.  We color-matched the throttle bodies to his engine's color theme, ceramic-coated the manifold, and added 4" tall air horns.

This 427 Ford 4x48IDA induction unit has a Performachrome ceramic coated manifold with black carburetors.  What sets this one visually apart is the custom made billet aluminum velocity stacks.  These are sold polished and come with the screens.  Built for Ron Granberg.

Black finishes are one of our most popular packages.  We build them with contrasting details that allow the sub-components to "pop".  This blacked-out bigblock Chevy unit was created for Pro Parts in New Zealand.  It has special-ordered black anodizing on the fuel fittings and velocity stacks.  Not seen in the center of the manifold, it has contrasting linkage in bright aluminum. 

Gray Custom Paint Weber

Ford unit on a custom manifold with carburetors and manifold finished in basecoat/clearcoat Argent Silver. What sets this unit off is the subtle color with all other parts chrome plated...a beautiful look. Built for Peter Ferrer.

We built this tall-stack LS3 assembly for Richard Linsmeier.  The Weber-style throttle bodies were painted Brandywine to match his car and mounted on a ceramic-coated manifold fitted with 2" risers for additional height.  We added chrome 5" velocity stacks to make it come through his hood.  These 5" wide-mouth stacks are available for Weber carburetors and Weber-style throttle bodies.

Our conventional-style bigblock Chevy EFI is shown here fully polished with 4" tall velocity stacks.

"Triple Black" on Crossram

Custom black Crossram

Crossram with "Triple Black" finish and brushed nickle hardware, built for Chuck Brewer, in Ohio. Manifold finish is Stealth Black ceramic, carburetor finish is satin black, done in house. Velocity stack finish: Transluscent black powder coat over chrome (called "Black Chrome"). Fuel lines use black hose with black fittings by Redhorse.

Yellow Crossram Weber

This crossram unit was done for a deuce coupe in Florida owned by Norm Gavin. 

All trim is chrome and the manifold was polished smooth before it went out for ceramic coating. This photo also shows the DCOE debris screens in stacks.

Bright Ceramic Coated manifold

Polish coating

A lot of customers want a polished manifold, but polished aluminum turns dull in a few years. The answer is bright ceramic coating over a manifold that has been totally smoothed to a #400 grit finish. After polishing by Advanced Plating in Tennessee, each manifold is sent to Performance Coatings in Georgia, where they receive the 1600-degree bright ceramic coating you see here. 

The manifold stays looking nice at half the cost of chrome plating. The finish is similar to polished aluminum, but much more durable. 

The one at left was a restoration on an old intake manifold that arrived here in cast finish, with years of baked-on grime.

Weber Carb Velocity Stack Options

Our Weber carburetion systems are available with a variety of velocity stack choices.  Some are aluminum, which can be ordered in a spun finish or we can have them chrome plated for you.

Weber Short Stacks

1-1/2" spun stacks are required for Daytona Coupes. Booster venturis must be cut down for these stacks. These stacks lower the profile by one inch.

Standard Stacks
Spun aluminum standard height velocity stacks for 48IDA's are available separately, or as a no-up-charge option on any new system.

5 Inch Flared Stacks
Tall 5" flaired stacks for 48IDA's

Tall IDF Stacks
Tall straight-style chrome stacks are available for our IDF carburetion units.  These are the 6" stacks, and they also come in 4".

Billet Stacks

These polished billet stacks are not for everybody at $925 per set, but if you're building a serious show car, they are handmade...not a standard production part sitting on the shelf. They come with screens, as shown.

Billet Stacks
Thse are the 48IDA versions of the billet stacks. The screens are included in the package. These are the same price as the DCOE stacks, at $925 per set.