EFI 8-Stack V8 Systems

Select from two styles of EFI

As a custom-builder of all types of eight stack systems, I offer two distinct styles of EFI’s, as you'll see on this page. 

If you prefer the look of a classic Weber carburetion system (the granddaddy of 8-stack induction), I can build you an EFI that looks just like Weber carburetors.  These EFI's have hidden injectors, and I fit them with conventional fuel lines instead of fuel rails common to EFI's.  These Weber-style EFI’s are so close in appearance to Weber carburetors that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. I take pride in the extra attention paid to the detailing of these Weber-style EFI units. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison showing our Weber carburetion system next to our “Weber” EFI. Can YOU tell which is which?

A closer look shows our Weber EFI on the right uses real Weber jet cover screens and the same type of fuel lines, carburetor screws, and brass top plugs as the Weber carburetors at the left.  The only major giveaway is the lack of auxilliary venturi tubes inside the stacks on the EFI...but with a set of debris screens fitted inside the stacks, that missing detail disappears.

If you prefer the modern look of a state-of-the-art EFI system, I use throttle bodies that I believe are the most beautiful in the industry.  The unique threaded-in air horns completely eliminate the use of any screws for an exceptionally sleek and clean outer appearance.

I offer EFI systems for Ford 302, 351W, 351C, 427/428 FE, the Ford SOHC Cammer, Ford Coyote engines.   Our Chevrolet EFI's are available for smallblock, bigblock, and LS1, LS2, LS3, and LS6 engines.

All EFI’s are custom built to order.  If it's your first EFI system, you will be happy to know I supply a 100% complete package with everything you’ll need, starting with the right ECU for your specific application, a fuel pump, regulator, ignition, and every sensor required...and there are many. Other EFI companies may leave it up to you to round up all the sensors you'll need and figure out how and where to mount them. When you get an EFI from me, all sensors are mounted and labeled for you.  My goal is to make every installation a simple, understandable process whether you're an EFI beginner or  a seasoned installer.  Everybody appreciates convenience and simplicity. I get that.

Finished EFI units include all required sensors mounted and tagged as shown. This eliminates any confusion, particularly for the first-time customer who has never worked with an EFI system. If you’re a seasoned builder, it saves you some time.

You may have been told by a friend which ECU to use.  I would caution you that some engines require specific ECU’s, so just because a certain ECU worked well in a friend’s car, it may not work as well in yours.  Not all ECU’s are friendly to all engines.  I’ll always put you into the control unit that is best for your specific application. ECU technology is changing constantly and I'm constantly changing  with it.  

The right ECU is the entire key to a succesful installation.  If you have a Ford V8 that was previously fuel injected, you shouldn’t use a universal ECU when you can get one with Ford-friendly pigtails for an easy plug-n-play hookup.  Or, if you have a GM LS engine, there are ECU’s made specifically for LS engines.  The Coyote engines require very specific controls to enable the VCT and the year of the engine makes a difference in the ECU selection. 

Some ECU’s are self-learning; others aren’t.  Some require a laptop and some don’t.  I'm assuming you don't know anything about EFI's and that you'd probably like a self-tuning ECU with its own hand-held touch screen that leads you through the setup.  

If you have an electronically controlled transmission, I'll provide you with an ECU that has a transmission controller, or I'll provide a separate trans controller if necessary.  So if you need help with that, let me know. 

My goal is to be the most customer-freindly EFI supplier in the business, so all of our EFI assemblies are shipped “ready for installation”...no loose parts for you to figure out how-and-where to mount on the manifold or anywhere else.  I focus on making every EFI package the most user-friendly and most complete EFI available today. Please keep this in mind if you are pricing others, and be sure to ask if theirs come with every sensor required, all properly mounted and labeled for you.  It's a major added-value feature, especially if you've never done this before. 

If you're calling other EFI companies, ask if these sensors are included and mounted on the manifold and labeled:  IAC, MAP sensor, TPS, Coolant sensor, and ATS (the ATS is the air temp sensor and has to be mounted on a bracket next to one of the velocity stacks, so be sure it has a mounting bracket...many don't).


Because every EFI package is individually tailored and assembled to order, the component packages can be very different; it’s best to call or email me to discuss what you’ll need for an accurate price quote. If you email me, I will usually get back to you that same day.

Some of Our Ford Offerings Are Shown Below


As a Ford EFI specialty shop, we’re proud to be the only source for a Ford 427 SOHC cammer EFI.  Shown here is our Cammer unit with black throttle bodies. These are available with 58mm throttles and 64 lb Bosche injectors to support 960 hp. These are in somewhat limited supply;  price is $8085.00 with fuel rails, fuel pressure regulator, and all sensors.

Standard throttle bodies on a conventional with short air horns on a Ford 302W manifold the 351W EFI looks basically the same.

Polished 427 Ford FE with Weber style throttle bodies                                                        

Ford Coyote engines can be outfitted with Weber-style throttle bodies to give a vintage look to a state-of-the art engine.   This one is the 10-degree angled version.  We also offer it on a straight vertical manifold.                          

Weber style throttle bodies for a 351C

Weber-style throttle bodies on a replica 289-302 Cobra manifold built for a ’65 Mustang.  Can you tell the difference?  Neither can most people.

For an old-school look with all the technology an EFI has to offer, we build our smallblock Ford 302 and 351W Weber-style EFI’s to look just like Weber carburetion.  This is a very authentic looking 8-stack on a Cobra or GT40 and very hard to tell the difference unless you really know your stuff.  Shown here is a fully polished 351W system.  These come with integral IAC mounted at the rear, as shown in this view.

427 Ford FE EFI with conventional throttle bodies is a very low-profile assembly

Conventional EFI for the Coyote. The new ECU’s for the Coyote now include the variable cam timing feature. 

Here's a better look at a fully polished unit.  Our polishers pay close attention to detail, as this close-up shows.  Shown here is our Weber-type EFI system, fully polished for Gary Rajcock’s Cobra.

As mentioned above, the Coyote units come in both vertical and 10-degree configurations.  Shown here is our base Coyote EFI vertical unit in natural finishes with air horns not yet installed.  There are various lengths of air horns available. 

A fully polished Ford Coyote EFI system built for Roderick Baker’s ’56 Ford pickup in Illinois, built by Riddler Award car builder Tim O'Connell. This one has taller air horns than the standard 50mm.

Ford 351W crossram EFI is coming soon!

The exotic-looking  Ford 351W crossram shown here is scheduled for release soon. This EFI will be supplied as a complete package and will include its own ignition system and all the components necessary for installation.  As with any EFI sale, I'll help select the right ECU for your application.

Pricing of the 351W x-ram will run about the same as the upright EFI units except for the addition of the special ignition system. There is no room for a standard distributor to fit in the normal location with this manifold, and we're working out the final details of the ignition package that will be included.

Twelve of these kits will be made available, so if you’d like one please call to provide a small deposit and have one tagged in your name.   If you want it fully polished or customized in any other way, please remember that custom orders require an approximate 8-week lead time.


Chevrolet EFI Systems

Our Chevrolet EFI offerings range from the standard smallblock and bigblock Chevy engines to the LS series, with manifolds for LS-1, LS-2, LS-3, and LS-6.

Bigblock Chevrolet with standard throttle bodies

4” tall air horns are shown on this Smallblock Chevrolet EFI system. Air horns are offered in a number of sizes.                                                                     

LS-3 with standard throttle bodies

Our IDF-type EFI is the shortest smallblock Chevy unit, shown here with taller widemouth velocity stacks added.


Because EFI’s include a variety of components that vary from engine to engine, please call with your specifics and I’ll price a customized package for you.  I’ll need you to tell me if you need an ECU, if your engine was fuel injected or non-injected to begin with, type of transmission, and if you’ll need a fuel pump or an ignition for it.  I can supply everything you need.

François Clavien

I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic work ! I received it on Monday and I'm in heaven. It is superb! 

I will send photos when it's installed.

Thank you a thousand times,
François Clavien, Switzerland