Linkage Kits

Connecting your carburetors

Special linkages can be custom-made for different applications. I offer a variety of cable brackets, and I can build linkage layouts with activation from any point.

Throttle connection kits can be ordered for universal applications, as well as make and model specific kits for '65-'66 Mustangs,'63-'67 Corvettes, and a variety of Cobras. There are a number of options for cable-operated throttles.

Typical choices are center-mounted bellcranks, side-mounted bellcranks, reverse-pulling linakge (for rear-engined cars, pulling toward the cabin), and three-arm bellcranks with front or rear pull. This is a custom shop, so describe whatever you need and there's a very good chance your request can be accommodated without much fanfare.

Below are a few samples of the throttle adapting components you can order, but they in no way show all the possibilities.

Weber Linkage Kit
This center-mount bellcrank system can be adapted to some manifolds. Shown here is a smallblock Chevy 4x48IDA twin cable system, one for the throttle and one for a 700R4 transmission. As the throttle cable on the right pulls back, the trans cable on the left is pulled forward. There are many different styles of manifolds, so these are usually made to order. Bellcrank, post, and bracket setup are around $150. Bracket is stainless.
Chevy Weber Linkage
For the smallblock Chevy crossram units, this secondary bellcrank / bracket / accelerator rod assembly fits Corvettes from '63 to '67 (and maybe others). The bellcrank bracket is stainless.
Throttle Linkage
The throttle connecting linkage shown here shows the stainless bracket on the carburetor at lower left to hold the throttle cable. There are a wide variety of brackets for various applications.
Forward Pull Weber Linkage
If you look closely, you'll notice this bellcrank is designed to pull forward. It's not a standard bracket; it's a custom piece for rear-engined cars such as Panteras,Lamborgini's and Ford GT's. The unit shown here was built for a Pantera owned by Mike Schneider in Switzerland.
Linkage Rail
Here's the same kind of forward-pulling linkage, but equipped with a universal extension plate and a cable mounting kit. This one was for Chuck Schmidt's GT40. Note the retro-style "cloth-braided" fuel lines. Forward-pull cable hardware can be supplied on either side of the manifold. This one is on left front.

Crossram Linkage
Smallblock Ford crossram on a '65-'66 Mustang uses this top-mounted bellcrank with the linkage rod shown. It may work on other Mustangs. This system uses a three-arm bellcrank, which is a little hard to see in this picture. Top-mounted bellcranks are easily adaptable to a variety of applications and can be pulled rearward or forward, depending how the bellcrank is mounted.
Cable Bracket
The crossrams can be ordered with or without a cable bracket kit for cable operation. Here the bracket is shown on a smallblock Chevy crossram with dual Lokar braided cables operating a 4-arm bellcrank. The cable on the right is the throttle, which pulls back; left cable pulls forward to shift the 700R4 transmission. This can be ordered as a "throttle only" setup, for just one cable on the right, which comes with a standard 3-arm bellcrank.