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Custom V8 Manifold Fabrication
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Manifold fabrication services

I receive many requests for special 8-stack configurations that have never existed before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one.  If you’re serious about having a one-of-a-kind 8-stack system, I’m happy to work with you.   I can build crossram and downdraft systems for most engines.  If you have a special project to discuss, call and tell me what you have in mind. 

Below is a photo of our custom-fabricated bigblock Chevy crossram manifold.

From basic troubleshooting to a show quality restoration

From classic Cobras to Ferraris, we offer rebuilding and restoration service for all Weber carburetors and carburetion systems.  Specialty vehicles and collector cars sit for long periods of time, which causes gas inside a carburetor to turn into a gummy varnish. It acts like glue, cementing moving parts and clogging small orifices. The Weber IDA's and DCOE's use a brass piston for an accelerator pump. This piston rides inside a close-tolerance bore, just like a piston in a cylinder. Sometimes the pump pistons become "welded" in place from the dried varnish. Passageways inside the carburetors become clogged, especially the ones with the very tiny holes. The check valve balls also become glued in place and no longer function. When these things happen, the carburetors must be disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt with fresh parts and gaskets.  Most Weber carburetors can be completely restored and made to operate like new again, even after 50+ years. We rebuild and restore all Weber carburetors, and we specialize in classic Ferrari, Maseratti, and lamborghini multiple carburetor rebuilds. Whether you're a collector or dealer of exotic classics, we'll be happy to provide rebuilding service for your Weber carburetors with a fast turnaround.

If a car has been sitting in storage for a number of years, there may be sediment, corrosion, and general deterioration that may render the carburetors completely non-functional. Some parts may no longer move and have become frozen, and passageways and orifices are clogged.

The photos below show what the inside of carburetors can become like from sitting over time, and why rebuilding them is a good idea.

Rebuilding and restoration service


The four carburetors above are 42 DCNF’s for an early Lamborghini sent here for a 100-point restoration. These restorations are highly detailed and virtually no part is left untouched. These carburetors are almost 50 years old.

Your carburetors will be completely dismantled, all bearings and throttle shafts removed, and stripped to just the bare castings. They are then sent out for vapor blasting to restore the casting finish to “factory new”. All metal parts are sent out for re-plating to duplicate the original gold cadmium or bright zinc finish, and all brass parts are either replaced or refinished.

The rebuilt carburetors are painstakingly reassembled with proper rebuild kits, the floats are set to factory specifications, and each carburetor is wet-tested. The carburetors you receive back are your own, and they will look and operate as 100% new.

We specialize in the restoration of all Weber carburetors for Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, as well as other 60’s-era exotics and all vintage race cars.

DCOE Before imageDCOE After

The photos above and below are all of the same carburetor, one of two 40 DCOE's done here for an '74 Alfa Romeo Spyder, shown "before and after" restoration. Click on the images for larger, more detailed pictures.

Full rebuilds and restorative work like this are common; you can ship your complete carburetion system for a total rebuild and/or full cosmetic restoration. If you would like a full cosmetic restoration, your carburetion system will look 100% new when you receive it back. The photos above will give you the idea. I've seen the worst there is; nothing scares me.

On full cosmetic restorations, your carburetors' factory hardware is replaced with fresh bits and pieces, and new linkage pieces are installed. All pieces with yellow-zinc plating will be new, and anything that detracts from the carburetors is replaced. Original screws and nuts are also replaced with stainless screws and nuts, so they will remain good-looking over the years.

The shop rate here is $85 per hour. A full cosmetic and functional rebuild on a typical 4-carburetor V8 unit requires about 15 hours, plus parts. As a general rule of thumb, the labor and parts usually come out to be about the same, which usually includes all new linkage. I can scratch-build any linkage system you need from the parts I have on the shelf, so it's a simple procedure to replace whatever you have, and improve it.

If you already own carburetors and/or a manifold, you can send them here to have a system custom built from your existing parts. I will ship you back a unit that runs and looks like a brand new unit.

Refresh, restore, or customize

Chevy Weber manifold BeforeWeber Chevy After

On the left is what a typical rebuildable unit looks like when they get here. Some are just a box of parts when they arrive. On the right is the same unit after restoration. This is a smallblock Chevy unit from the 80's, rebuilt and customized for Jim Hegland. Manifold has been bright ceramic coated. Click on the image for a better view.


This is a rebuild done on a smallblock Ford. It was a very original unit from the 60's, restored to the customer's specifications. The customer wanted nothing flashy, just for it to look original for his Cobra.

Hands-on tuning of your engine

If you'd like to bring your car to me, please call for an appointment.  I'm located in Lake City Florida, which is where I-75 and I-10 intersect in north Florida.  Lake City is just north of Gainesville, and about 75 miles west of Jacksonville.

Most tuning jobs can be accomplished in a few hours, but taking all four carburetors apart gets time consuming. Some sessions can take all day. My rate is $85 per hour, the same as for rebuild work.

I don't perform manifold changes or do complete installations, but I will gladly perform the initial start-up and tuning of your system for you as long as it's already mounted on your car and everything has been connected.

Mark Elder

Hi Jim

The manifold and bits have arrived. It is a thing of beauty. You have done a great job for which I am very grateful.

Thanks once again.

Mark Elder
New Zealand