Supercharger carburetion
IDF, Downdraft, 48IDA Downdraft, and DCOE Sidedraft Systems
Dual Inline IDF Downdraft with carburetors shown in optional satin black finish with scoop.
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Dual Inline IDF Downdraft with optional chrome plated carburetors, shown without optional stacks or scoop.
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Quad IDF Downdraft for large blower, (shown without optional velocity stacks)
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4x48IDA Downdraft for supercharger
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Beyond the common four-barrel
All supercharger carburetion systems come fully assembled and ready to run and are individually tailored to match your engine and its intended use. All carburetors are genuine Weber.

Custom finishes are optional. Each unit includes linkage, low-pressure fuel regulator and fuel fittings, braidess s.s. fuel line, liquid-filled stainless-housing fuel pressure gauge, and a supercharger base gasket. Instructions are included for adjustment and to familiarize you with all parts of these carburetors, along with exploded views to help you identify the carburetor components.


These carburetors are extremely easy to adjust, and once they're dialed-in, will require virtually ZERO maintenance.
Ordering :
Four IDF's
on 4-71 supercharger
This is another twin IDF blower system, but with the carburetors turned 90 degrees for a 4-71 GMC supercharger.

 Braided stainless fuel lines, stainless case liquid filled pressure gauge, and regulator with fittings (not shown) are included with all carburetor packages.

 This one is shown in the basic plain finish, with an optional cable bracket in brushed stainless steel.

This style also features progressive linkage. The rear carburetor is the primary two-barrel; the secondaries come in with the front carburetor.

Height with the 2-3/4" stacks, as shown, is 8-1/4" above the blower.

 Built for Ron Sturgis in VA, for a 4-71 on his flathead.
Same setup as above, with an optional Hilborn-style scoop. Each unit is built on a custom-machined adapter plate; just specify the blower you have.

These units come to you completely assembled as you see here, ready for startup, and they are available with an unlimited choice of custom finishing options.

 Shown here is an optional satin black finish with chrome hardware package.

 With this system, both carburetors are linked together, and all four barrels operate at the same time.
This is a dual inline IDF downdraft system, and it typically comes standard with the same velocity stacks shown on the carburetors on the 4-71 setup, below.

The adapter on all units is supplied in the standard "milled" finish, and can be polished as shown. Standard carburetor finish is the natural cast finish. Shown here are chromed carburetors, which is an available option.

This setup is fairly long, and fits a large-size blower, from a 6-71 and up.
8-barrel for Blowers:

 If your supercharger is a larger type, you have room for a 4-carb unit like this one. This is (4) 40 IDF's, and it operates on eight barrels, which can be progressive or all direct...your choice. Either way, it works very nicely on the street.

Shown in the basic plain finish, with all chrome hardware and Russell Endura fuel fittings.

This one is for a mid-60's Corvette. Owner is Brian Hedgerton of New York.

Brian says he's thrilled with the performance of this 4 carb unit. and that it makes amazing power.
The 48IDA is the "Big Daddy" of Weber carburetion, and you won't see them set up like this very often. I offer this layout with two types of adapters.

This package can be ordered with the 6-1/2" velocity stacks seen here, and can also include a set of polished risers to give it even more height, also shown, if height is what you're after.

The one you see here is build on a special billet adapter to the customer's order.

This is a design that's perfect for getting the carburetors as high as possible when maximum height and visual impact is what you're after.

A unit like this will add about $5800 to the cost of your project, but you don't see engines like this showing up at every car event either. Built for Jim Savalle, Connecticut.
Twin DCOE on a 4-71 supercharger
The twin DCOE's are right at home on either a 4-barrel intake or a supercharger, as you see here.

This is a specially built unit in blue basecoat / clearcoat with all chrome hardware and Russell Endura fittings.

Progressive lingage can be seen in the front.

The twin DCOE system is a very exciting way to relieve 4-barrel boredom.

You will have lots of people asking you about it, so if you don't like talking to people, don't order this.

"Double unit" 4-carb configurations are also an option.
Please call to place your order by telephone. At that time, a 50% deposit is usually taken on the major credit card of your choice, except Amex, which is no longer accepted. The balance will be automatically charged to the same credit card (unless you specify otherwise) when the unit is assembled. Checks and money wires are also accepted.
Twin Sidedrafts
Another twin IDF blower system for a 4-71 GMC supercharger.

This one was done in a satin black finish, with 5" aluminum megaphone stacks.

Built for Sam Gompers in Maryland.
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