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Anyone in business will tell you that their business is the best in the industry, which means nothing when th comment comes from the business itself. In the end, a company's reputation is what will speak the loudest, and reputation isn't something that can be faked.

If you want to talk to my customers, I encourage you to inquire about me on any of the Cobra or street rod forums. In the meanwhile, I'm sharing some of the unsolicited testimonials I've received.

After you buy a carburetion system from me, I won't ask you to send me a note to tell me how you like it. If you decide to do that, it will be entirely by your initiative. I am very thankful to all the customers who have called and written notes over the years to tell me they are happy with their carburetion system. I have saved many nof the written ones.

Each customer below has given his permission allowing me to use his "testimonial", for which I am very grateful.
I got the carbs balanced and the car is now running. I also want to say that you had the mixture screws dialed in exactly. While I tweaked them both up and down, either way hurt, so they ended up exactly where you had them set.

There was no hesitation thru the transition circuits, no popping in the exhaust, the car just wanted to run.

All in all, while this upgrade was labor intensive, it was one of the cleaner installs I've done. Everything fit, everything worked, and I'm sure the carb linkage would have been spot on, if I hadn't removed the carbs from the intake to facilitate the install.

In any case, I'm glad I went with you on this setup as it's been a pleasure working with both the kit and with you.

Jim, feel free to use my comments. I was very pleased with the whole project.

Jim Johnson

Hey Jim!
A fast note to tell you just how COOL your 8-stack Weber induction set is!! I've got it on display in my office. Seems too pretty to subject to the grimey environs of a street racer... but I will anyway!! I consider myself privileged to be an owner of such a rare piece of engineering. Thanks a MILLION for creating this way cool stuff Jim.
Bruce Eide
Vern Eide Motorcars, Inc.

My carbs arrived yesterday - you've probably heard this many times before, but they look fabulous - like jewelry (at least they do to a petrol head like me)

Thank you for fabulous service and for being available in terms of communication, it gives me great confidence that if I encounter any issues, you'll be there to help.

I'll keep you posted with installation progress. Thanks again for a great experience in purchasing from you, it was pleasantly refreshing to receive the personalized support and benefits of your 'weber wisdom' we have had throughout the process.

Chris in New Zealand

In 1982 you built a set of weber 48's (with 30 chokes and special jets) for my Ardun engine on my home built manifold. The first set of jets didn't work well but you created a new set that worked fine. I always appreciated the personal service you gave me. I think you might be interested that after 40 years on the road (67,000 miles and 48 states) your setup is still going! Looking back I made the right decision on buying one of your systems.

Thanks, Dick Blaine.

You built me a setup a few years back. Best move I did on my 1933 HENRY fORD roadster. Everyone at shows loves the look of the Webers. I do believe that it helped me win the Concorse de Elegance, St Regis in Dana Point.
Dennis Proud

Hi Jim

The manifold and bits have arrived. It is a thing of beauty. You have done a great job for which I am very grateful.

Thanks once again.

Mark Elder
New Zealand

Good morning Jim,
Attached is a picture (although not very good) of the induction unit you put together for me a while back. Thought you might like to see your work on the finished motor. It runs really well and is a lot of fun to drive. Have had several offers from people interested in purchasing the motor but I think I'm just going to have some fun with it for a while.

Thanks again.
Chris Butkiewicz

Holy smokes these look absolutely amazing ....... I mean Iím speechless. Far more amazing in person than on the site. Your work is top shelf. Thanks so much for such a beautiful induction system. I look forward to keeping you posted and sending pictures upon installation.

Sean McDougall

The car runs like a bat out of hell!!!! It is so much smoother and faster than than old tri power I had on the car.....Very fun to drive and Iím very happy with it! Oh yeah, when I hit the pedal to the floor, my car takes off instantly with no hesitation and you can feel the torque!! Great sound too!!!

                                 Bill Corwin

I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic work ! I received it on Monday and I'm in heaven. It is superb!

I will send photos when it's installed.

Thank you a thousand times,
FranÁois Clavien, Switzerland

We finally got the intake installed two weeks ago & everything was going fine. Your documentation made setting up the carburetors a snap.
Jim Wak

All is well. 700 hp and huge torque at 6000 rpm...We did not spin it up any higher during our pull. We did not have to change any jets or extra parts in the kit. Thank you very much for a Weber build that was well done.

Brad Knoll

Car is great and drives really well. Iíve never had pedal response like this.

Ray Seider

Sorry I didn't tell you this before Jim but I've just been too dumbfounded by my new purchase to thank you. So, thank you! Your work is awesomely beautiful. Words don't do it justice. I am happy and grateful for your efforts.

Steve Paulson